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conjoined twins

conjoined twins

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here's a story about conjoined twins born in bc last year.

it makes me wonder about their situation. as they age, how would their quality of life be? would they suffer any more or less than any other wheelchair-bound child? what does sharing a brain mean? will they have normal verbal communication skills? it'll be interesting if they survive until they are old enough to talk because then then a different range of tests can be done on them to see how their brains are connected and what that means for thoughts, emotions, memories, etc.
  • "There is also some evidence that what one girl sees, the other one also knows about, although no one really knows how that works..."
    WOW - that is so awesome! I mean, it's not awesome that they're in the situation, but, I think if they survive the operation that it's completely possible for them to live a fulfilled life. They don't know what it's like to be away from the other so it's not like someone who lost that ability right?

    I hope that their parents let the results doctors find be known to the public and I hope the press continues covering the story, so long as it doesn't negatively effect the family.

    • yeah, i think it's super interesting that they can possibly share vision and maybe thoughts? and it said when one eats the other feels satisfied. bizarre!
      • it's fucked up to think about the vision sharing part.. it's like, how would that WORK? Where on earth do you have 'room' to see out of your eyes and someone elses.. I mean.. I don't know.. you know?

        They're like super hero's!
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