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Fat Baby.

Fat Baby.

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Little Jin from China has to be one of the cutest babies I've seen, but damn! Jin was born weighing in at around 7 pounds, but his weight quickly ballooned. He's only 8-months old and weighs around 41-pounds.

His mother said he started gaining weight almost immediately. She said she has to nurse him around 20 times a day, because he gets hungry. Unfortunately, the poor thing can't crawl or walk, because of his weight.

The article from the Daily Mail didn't say anything about him having a medical condition. His mother needs to look into it, because that ain't right. Stop feeding him 20 times a day and take him to the doc!

Jin is still not the biggest baby in the world. A few years ago a woman in Italy gave birth to a 28-pound baby. I think her insides are still recovering. A coule of months ago a woman in Siberia gave birth to a 17-pound baby.

Jin is a darling and hopefully his mother sorts out his medical situation STAT before he eats her out of house and home! Literally.
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